Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Salad Social

I LOVE the women in our ward! They are so funny and fun and willing to help. We are so lucky! So, we had a Relief Society salad summer social and I thought to actually take some pictures. I had a great time!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ali's birthday party

                 My nephew Ethan waiting for the girls to arrive for his little sister's first birthday party.
                                                          My cute little niece Emma.
                          My sister (Diana) made tons of these super cute and yummy cupcakes.
                                                        My sister Kara...being Kara. :)
                                                                 Sporting the hats!!
                                          Will didn't mind the hat as long as he could still eat.
                                                                          Party favors.
                                                      Ali playing with her dad! CUTE!
                      My sister Lisa and her daughter Emma leaving a message for Ali on her birthday.
                                                                  Opening presents.
                                                That's my son. He loves to make a mess! :)
                                                        A mini group of party animals.
                                                          The big group of party animals!
                                                          A few tears-but isn't she cute?
The birthday girl with her brother and her cousin Maggie. What a really fun party and fun day for my sweet little niece!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Fathers Day!

I love Fathers Day! It is such a good excuse for me to remind Zac of what an amazing dad he is. I knew when I married him that he would be a good dad, because I saw him play with his nieces and nephews and how much he seemed to genuinely enjoy spending time with them. But, he has just really shown me how much he loves our sons. When we found that Owen had autism, he was so involved and every time I went to an appointment or class or presentation, he wanted to know everything I learned and how we could apply it.

He loves getting on his hands and knees and playing with the boys and just playing anything they will play with him. He loves to help them learn new things and try new things and really show them all the world has to offer. He gets excited to take them to fun parks and anywhere there are toys and things that are fun for them to do.

He loves to chase and tease and just be goofy. He doesn't care what anyone else thinks, he is always himself and it's a good thing, because he is amazing! He has always been willing to take turns getting up with kids in the middle of the night, and giving me time to myself for a break. He got a 4-wheeler and the first thing he said was that he couldn't wait to take the boys and see if they like it as much as he does. What a great man! What a great husband! What a great dad! I love you Zac!!!! Happy Fathers Day (a day late)!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A new tradition...

This is one of Owen's new favorite things to do. Grab a velcro puzzle and sit on our bed. He looks so grown up and I just think he is soooooo cute!!!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I can't say no to that face!

I think that William is hillarious! He loves the camers and every time he sees it, he has this cute little smile and excitement on his face. The best though, is when the flash is blinding him and he still smiles. He cracks us up! He has the face that melts us!!!!

Friday, June 8, 2012

A little bit about me...

 Sometimes I have to remind myself that I am not just a mom. I am actually more than that. I am a pretty happy and positive person. I tend to see the bright side of things and I can usually take criticism well. I feel that I have really been blessed that way, however, I think that when I had the hardest time is when I start to think that this is all there is and I will just be wiping butts as well as feeding and chasing kids for the rest of my life and that there is nothing outside my 4 walls.  What a lesson it's been for me...

I think that I have really learned that at least for me personally, I just need people. I need to go to book club, RS activities, and just get out and it reminds me that first of all, there is more going on than what I'm going through. Because I think when I feel closed off, I don't even realize what other people are going through. I have so many blessings and although we have plenty of daily challenges, we have so many things in our life to be grateful for. It also reminds me how much better I feel when I give service or just have a more Christlike outlook on things.

We are truly blessed!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012