Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Trip to Philadelphia Part 1

 We had such a fun trip. Zac has a training for work and I got to go with him. He was gone during the day for the first 3 days and then we would go to lunch and just relax at night. During the day, I read, slept, relaxed and worked on a few things. It was fun to check out the town together at night.

 We were able to go to a 76ers vs. Celtics game. It was about 7 dollars each to get in and we sat in the nose bleed section, but it was still really fun!

 There were historical sites everywhere and it was really interesting to learn about the history. We both really enjoyed all of it!!! And I was smart this time and wore gel soles in my shoes, so I wasn't dying the next day. :)

 We got to take a tour of the State Penn. We saw the cell where Al Capone stayed as well as where all the other inmates stayed. Very interesting!

What a fun trip! And more pictures to come!!!