Thursday, August 25, 2011

Teddy bear kisses

My parents bought us this teddy bear for Owen a couple Christmas' ago. It plays songs and it's heart lights up. Owen loves it! He was playing with it the other day and every time he pushed on the heart button, it would say "I love you" or "you're my friend" or something like that. And I just thought it was sooooo cute that he would give it hugs and kisses.

And (I don't have any pictures), lately when we're playing, he will stop and grab my face with both of his hands and plant one on my cheek. I love this kid!!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I have been feeling like lately there are a lot of things that I want to learn or get better at, so I have found a few people to teach me more about:

Gluten free diets
Counting calories

and I am trying to find someone to help me learn how to decorate my house.

Along with learning these new things, I have made a list of to dos. This is one of those lists that just keep getting bigger and bigger. Some of those things include:

  1. Making a FHE bin that has lessons and visual aids in an organized place.
  2. Making a pantry/freezer inventory list, so I can better keep track of things as we start to run out.
  3. Weekly goals to work on with Owen.
  4. Weight loss plans.
  5. Meal plans.
  6. Putting photos in albums, until I'm 40 and have time to scrapbook again.
And the list goes on...

I also have a list of every room in my house and everything I want to finish or do in each room.

I think I have my work cut out for me. The other day I was discussing something with Zac and suggested we make a list to help us organize our thoughts and he just laughed and said "not everything can be fixed with a list." But, I made the list anyway. :)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Snuggles and Smiles

There are two things from my son that are nearly impossible to get...snuggles and smiles (for the camera). When the camera isn't on, he smiles all the time, but he just doesn't like looking at the camera for more than a few seconds. I'm sure most moms can relate to a certain extent. Anyway, the other day he was tired and he snuggled with me for about 10 minutes. Loved it!!! There are a few more pictures of both my kiddos and their adorable smiles. I am one lucky mommy!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Monday, August 1, 2011