Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The little things...

I have noticed that in a general sense, I am very happy. With my life, my husband, my kids, and just everything in general. But, sometimes it is the little things that pinch my heart and bring a tear or two. It usually doesn't last too long, but some things that are so little really make a big difference to me. Like yesterday for example, we had to change something in our routine and Owen really struggled with it. Or when I make dinner and all Owen wants is a sandwich and crackers. Sometimes that leads to wondering if he will ever get to point where he doesn't eat the same things day. He doesn't like pizza or ice cream and so even going out and trying to do something special gets a little tricky.

Owen has done so well at school and he is really making great progress, but out of all the kids in the program, he is only one of two that doesn't talk yet and so sometimes I just ache for words. Last night Zac put the kids down while I was at YW and it took quite awhile to figure out that he was thirsty and that is why he was fighting sleep. One word would simplify our lives. A couple of days ago he wanted something out of the cupboard and I was getting dinner ready and I asked him to wait a minute and he screamed and ran up and down the hallway. It is so hard sometimes to just get him to understand.

William is the complete opposite of Owen in a lot of ways. But lately he loves to have me hold him and help him jump on the bed or the couch, but it becomes an obsession and it feels like I will be doing that forever. He is such a good little eater most of the time, but even with alot of the foods that he likes, I have to push it into his mouth before he remembers that he likes it and then takes it willingly. I know that most people and loving and understanding, but sometimes it gets a little embarrassing when you are around people that have kids younger than yours, and they are sitting in their seat without help and eating on their own.

I have really actually had a great week and a great day, it's just that my mind is always going and sometimes I think about things more than I should. I love my kids more than anything and I really do want what is best for them, but sometimes I wish it was a little easier or more natural. Some days just feel a lot like work instead of play. I wonder what life will be like for them when they get older, if they want friends (they don't really even play with each other much), if they will get teased, if they will have to repeat a grade. A woman's mind is complicated. And that is my vent for today.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Can you say cute?

I love this little mischief maker! He makes every single day fun and makes me laugh. Love those smiles!!!