Tuesday, January 25, 2011

An update with pictures

Life gets crazy really fast around here. I think that I am getting pretty used to 2 little ones all day, but it is still an adjustment changing two sets of diapers and when we go anywhere, it's 2 sets of clothes and making sure both boys are fed and ready to go. And that doesn't count the time it takes me to get myself ready and just eat breakfast.

However, all my commotion tends to make each day go pretty fast! By the time I get them both down for a nap, I will attempt a nap and usually end up working on something anyway. Zac keeps telling me I don't know how to just not be busy. :) The boys have been so fun to spend time with and now that I am not pregnant I have the energy to keep up with them.

Zac has been amazing! He loves to play with Owen when he gets home or just hold Will, when it's a slow moment. I love having him around for my sanity and because the boys love him so much! I've been really blessed to be able to get out a bit lately and to have somewhat of a social life. I like feeling like I can do that too. Although, I am really looking forward to good weather, so I can take the boys for walks and get a little more fresh air. Anyway, life is tiring but good! I am really happy and I love watching my sweet little family grow!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I am surrounded by cuteness!

I haven't slept well in awhile now, but moments like these make getting up all worth it. :) I love my family!!!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Good Times

Christmas was so fun this year! Because we were lucky enough to have Will come to our family on the 14th, we got to sneak my parents to our house for Christmas. We had such a good time. We played games and watched movies and they watched Will while we drove Owen around to see the lights around Logan. We were so grateful for them being here and it was really hard to see them leave. Here are a few pictures from our great Christmas! Zac put Christmas music on and put up a screen saver of a fireplace on our tv, so that we felt nice and cozy as we were settling in and opening presents.
I think Owen was cooperative in opening about 3 or 4 presents and then he just wanted to play. I thought this moment was pretty sweet though.
This is how Will handled Christmas. He loved to move his hands and arms when he sleeps and I just can't get enough pictures of it. CUTE!
I decided that instead of trying to get something amazing that Zac would love, I let him pick out a few of his own gifts on the condition that he would not open them until Christmas. This was one of those gifts. He loves it and I think it's cute, when he gets excited to show me what each level looks like. :)
This was my big gift from Zac. We don't really have a lot of family pictures. (Owen does not know how to look at a camera when I take a picture) and so this was really special for me. I am really excited to hang it up. I have such a good husband!

It was a really special treat to have my parents here and watch these little moments. It makes me wish that they could come for another week. We miss them so much already! We are so blessed!!!
This is the aftermath of our Christmas celebration. Boxes everywhere! :)