Monday, September 27, 2010

I hang out with bikers!

That's right! My dad and my brother-in-law, Steve came to Logan this last Saturday to go on a bike ride. It was nice for me too, because I got some time with my sister and my mom. It was so fun to see them and just watch the kids play together. The men had a blast! I think it was a good break for all of them and as soon as they got back, they women did some shopping and then went to the RS broadcast. So fun!!!!

This is what happened while the boys were away...we made cinnamon rolls, watch the boys play and attempt to put both of them down for a nap. Here are some funny pictures of these cute boys!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Highlights from an amazing weekend

How do I even begin to express what this last weekend was like for me. I went to Time out for women and I got a whole weekend to myself and just to have some me time. There was a number of incredible speakers, including Sheri Dew, Hillary Weeks, Brad Wilcox...just to name a few. They were all incredible and each had a really personal message to share. I took quite a few notes, and I could since I wasn't trying to hold my sweet little one. :)

On Friday, there was a lot mentioned about influence. One of my favorite quotes was that influence can be invisible. I think of all the people in my life that have profoundly influenced me and made me want to be better and I'm sure they don't even realize it. They just live their lives and are good examples. There was also a lot of emphasis on who we are and what we're doing here. Sometimes it's a good reminder that Heavenly Father doesn't make mistakes and that we are all here at this time and place for a specific purpose.

On Saturday, there were so many good talks. One in particular was very personal to me. Brad Wilcox talked about how Jesus doesn't make up the difference, He makes all the difference. He also talked about how as women we want to be perfect and do all that we can to be a great wife and mother and friend and on and on, but we forget that everyone starts at the bottom and builds their way to the top. And, as long as we are climbing, EVERY offering is sufficient. As a mother and wife, I can recognize times in my life when I feel like, why am I cleaning this room again? Why do I try to do all of this?, but what a blessing to know that Heavenly Father recognizes every sacrifice and what I have to offer is enough.

Another thing that stood out to me was a lot of talk about the atonement. Some other quotes that I liked were that the atonement isn't about us making the most of the atonement; it's about Jesus making the best of us. Another one I liked was that If Christ didn't require anything of us, we would have no need to change. There was good music that was uplifting, a good friend that let me talk her ear off, and a bag full of goodies. And then I got to go home and be with my family, (Both of whom were sick) and so I felt like I got to help and take care of them. I just felt really blessed.

I felt like I started this next week with a new enthusiasm to be better, work harder, and have a better attitude. This helped make it easier when the week started with LOTS of cleaning and taking Owen to the doctor to get blood and stool samples tested. So, life hasn't gotten any easier, but I truly know that Heavenly Father is mindful of me and my little family and wants us to be happy and successful and with His help, I can not fail! What a wonderful weekend and a great time to just get away and be reminded of all my blessings. Here are a few pictures from my weekend.
Sheri Dew. She is a remarkable speaker!

Brad Wilcox. What a teddy bear! He was so happy and encouraging.

Hillary Weeks. Don't forget that I don't photograph well, but oh well.

My amazing friend Daurie. She was sweet enough to sit with me and talk, talk, talk, because most of my social life is someone that doesn't talk yet, and so she was wonderful!

Friday, September 10, 2010

A few cute pictures...

This was such a funny moment! Owen loves the feel of Zac's whiskers and so they were watching tennis and Owen just kept stroking Zac's face. I actually got a video of it too. SO CUTE!
I think this one is hilarious! He looks like he's in trouble. We went to a book sale they had in Logan about a month ago or so and got Owen a ton of books for cheap and so we keep some of them under his table in his room and he found them and climbed underneath for a closer look.

This has Zac written all over it. He put a ball and a remote and anything else he could find that would fit under Owen's shirt. Owen tried to get it out at first, but then just kept playing. What a goof ball!
This one was at a local park. I thought it was really cute that he is just so straight faced, but that's my little guy!
This one is awesome! Owen got settled right in and rested his arm on Daddy's tush. These boys keep me laughing all the time. So fun!!!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Little Observation

I've noticed lately that I sometimes use my blog as a way to vent. Although this is good for me sometimes, I also tend to not focus on the positive things going on in my life. This is actually really ironic to me, because even in our toughest times it is very evident that we are blessed beyond recognition. So, I would like to just share a few of the wonderful things that have been happening for us lately.

First of all, I keep getting so excited about the prospect of having another boy!!! He is very active already and I'm sure that I will have my hands full, but I can't wait! I love the idea of a baby brother for Owen and when we were deciding whether or not this was the right time to have a baby, I have a really strong feeling that this baby needed to be here now and so I know that he will be nothing but a blessing to our family. I also love the fact that we don't have to buy any boy clothes. I know it's a small thing, but it really is a great blessing for us.

We got both of our cars registered this month and I have to admit that I'm not really thrilled about that, but it ended up being cheaper than we thought and both our cars passed inspection. We've had a lot of money things that have been in our favor. I know that Heavenly Father has watched over us and allowed us to have so many blessings. We also recently had a really great lesson by our bishop about budgeting and financial order in your home and so we are now dedicating the end of every FHE (after Owen goes to bed) to looking over our budget for the week and really dedicating ourselves to staying within our means. We have been planning ahead, getting Christmas presents early , since we aren't going home for Christmas. Also, I have found some really fun homemade ideas for Owen for Christmas too. Both of these things will help us save money, when money will be a little more tight.

We were invited to a Family Home Evening with some good friends of ours and we had had a rough week and so we felt so loved and appreciated. Not only that, but it really got our butts in gear and we are starting to have FHE with Owen. We looked through a book of Jesus and sang a couple of songs and had prayer. It has really shown us that we don't need to do a big elaborate lesson, because he has the attention span of a fly, but he really likes songs and so if nothing else, we love watching his sweet little face light up. I love feeling like we are getting him into good habits and we are trying to strengthen our family too.

I've been called to be a teacher in the YW. I absolutely love it! I come home each week thinking, this is where I am supposed to be. They are such wonderful girls and they always make me want to be better. I love their sweet hugs and smiles and enthusiasm. I love teaching too (except the chastity lesson) and so it just feels like the perfect fit. The activities each week are a good break for me too. I get to get out of the house and just be with the girls. My teaching companion is a true blessing to me too. She is so great with those girls and she is just so easy to love. What another great blessing.

Owen is his own category. That boy is my whole world. I thought that when I first became a mom, that I would get tired of being at home all day and that if I watched one more kid's video I would go crazy. I feel like I am in more of a routine and I LOVE watching him discover new things and play with new toys. Like yesterday, Zac got out the bubbles and we blew bubbles with him and he would just laugh and get so excited to pop them. Little things like that remind me why I have always wanted to be a mom and the day just gets better. He is started to run and hug me randomly and it just melts me. I feel like I have only a taste of the love that Heavenly Father has for his children and specifically for me. How could I ever doubt that He knows what's best for me and for my family and I know He only wants me to be happy. Every day I get to spend with Owen strengthens my testimony of family and the joy and blessing of children.

Zac gets his own category also. How could I ever express the love I have for that amazing man! I always had in mind what I wanted from an eternal companion and he has surpassed them all. He knows when I need to cry, when I need to laugh, and (poor guy) when I need to just talk. We have recently faced a difficult trial that we have had to approach together and I love that he calms me down and helps me see the big picture. He encourages me and just loves me for who I am. Sometimes I have those days when I feel like I could be better and that he got stuck with an inadequate wife and I spend 5 minutes with him and I feel loved and appreciated. He is my best friend and I love him even more every time I watch him play with Owen. What a loving dad. He loves to tell or show me when he does something cute. He always makes him laugh and that boy loves his daddy. I certainly married up...what an amazing man and great blessing to add to what seems like an endless list.

Of course, I need to include friends and family to my list. Like I said, we have been facing a difficult trial, that only continues to get better with time, but we have really leaned on friends and family a lot. I am so grateful for friends that are willing to listen and encourage and just be there. I honestly can't imagine how different things would be for us, and specifically for me if we didn't have that incredible support system. We have had priesthood blessings and calls and a few emotional nights of ice cream and the list goes on and on.

So basically, I feel blessed and I am fully reassured every day that as long as I am doing my part and reading my scriptures and saying my prayers and remembering my Heavenly Father whether things are going great or horrible and knowing that He is there, I am truly blessed. I know with a full assurance that everything will turn out the way it is supposed to and that we will never be led astray. I'm well aware that that doesn't mean life will be easy and that I won't have rough days, but I can easily remember my many blessings and the love that I feel every day. Thank you for listening to this vent and thank you for being a part of our blessings.