The Cooks

The Cooks

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Halloween Adventures

There are a lot of fun family traditions that we have that have come about from things going on in Logan, for example, we love going to the pumpkin walk. The kids don't look too long, but they like the walk and all the things to see. We enjoy getting out and going for a walk and seeing all the creativity. People are so talented!!!

We also love to decorate pumpkins. Most of the time this goes well for about 15 minutes and then one or both of our kids have had it and we immediately take a bath. We love to get out the markers, finger paint and stickers. Then, we have the kids put their hands in the pumpkins that Zac and I are carving. The faces are usually pretty awesome. You can tell that Owen was very done by the end.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Halloween Carnival

Our primary program rocks! Every year they have a Halloween carnival, where the kids get to dress up and play games that our incredible youth help with. The kids have a ball! This was our most successful year to date. What a fun night!!!

Catching up

Well, I think that it is safe to say that I am a slacker. It's been a lot time since I last posted. I would try to fit a year's worth of pictures, but I think that could be enough to make anyone crazy, so I will just start with now. We had our primary program this last Sunday. We are lucky enough to have some incredible people called to help our kids in primary....and our kids LOVE them! The kids did really great during the program and it was fun to watch them. Owen actually said about 3 or 4 of the 7 words from his line. (He gets a little nervous in front of all those people).

If I'm being perfectly honest, the primary program is always a mix of emotions. Every year, I always think that they both will be talking and it'll be hard to tell that they're "different". But, sometimes in moments like that, it feels so apparent. And although our ward has been nothing but loving and supportive and the primary kids are phenomenal, it's just an emotional Sunday for me in particular. We're really grateful for all those that work so hard to put together a great primary program and in particular, the ones that work with our kids. Here are some pictures from that day.