Monday, November 29, 2010

Owen's Birthday and Other Stuff

We decided to cheat a little bit and have a party for Owen's birthday a little early. He turns two on Wednesday (December 1st), but with all the family around, we decided to party right before Thanksgiving. It was so much fun! Owen got really curious about the gifts as you can tell. You may not be able to tell by his facial expressions, but he loved having his cousins buzz around and hand him presents. All the kids were soooooo cute!!!

This is one of my only profile shots while pregnant. I always forget to do it. I only have 4 weeks left and I cannot wait!
When all the snow came we got really excited for Christmas and decided to put up our tree and some decorations. Zac found this screen saver of a fireplace and we listened to Christmas music and set the tone for the season. Owen likes the tree and actually does really good about not playing with the ornaments. Our kid rocks!!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Christmas projects...

Okay, so I decided I was going to pretend to be domestic this Christmas and make Owen a few homemade Christmas gifts. Here are a few of the projects I've finished.

I found these two boxes at DI for about 50 cents each and then painted them.

I found this material at DI too for about 2 bucks and so with the help of my mother in law and her sewing machine and beans, I made 6 bean bags with the tassels, because he likes those.

The final one that I am almost done with are these picture albums that I got at DI for 1 dollar each. I will insert colored sheets that say " Mommy", "Daddy", "Owen", and so on and then our pictures below it. I figure they will make good quiet books in church and help him to remember who everyone is.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A really great birthday

So, my sweet husband set up a babysitter (my sweet friend Whitney-who Owen loves) and he took me to dinner and a movie. We went to see Mega Mind and we both thought it was hilarious!!! Then we went to dinner at Cafe Rio. YUM! He did good. It was so nice to just away from life and everything that's been going on lately. Last week was a rough one for me and so it was just what I needed and I think he knew it. Thank you love for a great birthday!!!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

3 new posts including Halloween

Right before Halloween, we went to our ward's Fall Festival. This year was a lot of fun, with soup that was soooooo yummy and games for the kids and just a lot of socializing. Owen was our little monkey and boy was it fitting. He was all over the place and so excited to see everything. He tried a lot more candy than he normally does, but come on was Halloween. :)

The Corn Maze

We went to the corn maze the other night with Owen and he was soooooo cute! They had a little train ride that he liked to watch go by and then he was fearless when we went into the maze. He would just run all over the place and liked the freedom of it. It was pretty dark and he didn't seem to even notice. When we got done with the main corn maze, there was a kid size one that he could go in by himself and he loved that. I'm pretty sure he's just cute!

A day at the park

This is random, but we went to the park the other night and we just got some cute pictures while we were there. Love this kid!!!!