Tuesday, November 8, 2016


          It's interesting to me that sometimes, life just feels normal. I don't feel like a mom with kids with special needs. We just feel like a family. We eat together, we attempt to play together, we go on trips, we go for razor rides....we feel somewhat normal. And some days, I feel like autism just slaps us in the face. We have had a lot of things going on lately. We started with a double IEP (Individual Education Plan) a couple of Mondays ago. For anyone that doesn't know, this is when we get to sit down with teachers, administrators, and others and discuss how our kids are doing, the skills they are improving on and the goals we plan to set for the next year. Please don't get me wrong, we have been blessed to have the boys in good programs since they were about 20 months old, and those that we met with were nothing but patient and kind and encouraging about both our boys. The hard part is when you know they are making progress, but the goals that are necessary for them to progress are simple and it reminds you of how far you have to go.

          One of the things that we have learned as parents of children with autism is that things that should be simple or even fun at times can sometimes be a bit challenging for our kids. For example, they had a dentist appointment a couple of weeks ago. These appointments require my boys to be sedated, because they will not sit still for the dentist. So, this requires some prep work. For sedation appointments, your kids need a physical. We were unable to get to the doctor in time, and so we went to the instacare. Long Afternoon. Wiggles and impatience and a small room. (I think most parents can relate to that). Well, once the physical was taken care of, school and sessions for the day needed to be cancelled. The boys needed to fast until after their appointment, so we had to watch them closely until game time. After the appointment (both of them needed dental work done), we headed home. The sedation is suppose to make them drowsy most of the day. Within 2 hours, they were their normal energetic selves.

Things like the primary program, trick or treating and simply telling us when they are sick or in pain....just becomes a little overwhelming at times. Let me be clear that we have incredible support from family, friends, church and other support groups. We are blessed so much more than I feel like we deserve. We are always trying to give our kids opportunities to try new things, find what they love and encourage them along the way. Even though, some days, weeks or even months can be difficult. We are so grateful to understand that there is a plan for us. We may not be perfect parents, but we are loving them every day and giving them the best we can. It can become easy to have a pity party or wonder why things are the way they are, but every time I feel the spirit in my life and the love of my Savior, I know that we are where we are supposed to be and having the life we were meant to have.

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